Air sterilization systems, including aerosols, using photochemical processes, which deactivate viruses and live particles.

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Indicated for professional spaces such as hotel rooms, waiting rooms, small medical offices, offices and domestic spaces, among others.


Indicated for professional spaces with a large influx of people, such as shops, restaurants or waiting rooms or buses, for example


Indicated for professional and public environments with a high concentration of people such as medical waiting rooms, public closed spaces, schools, nightlife establishments, large stores, etc.



AMS Auto is a system specially designed to release viruses and bacteria from the air in closed means of transport such as cars, vans, caravans or buses.

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Maintenance plans and filters


Don’t work about maintaining your AMS when the service light comes on and let us do it for you. We take care of the replacement of UVC LED lights, filters and a complete review and internal cleaning of your entire device.


The filters incorporated in the AMS should be changed every two months, depending on the use. An LED indicates when it’s time to change your filter.


The filters incorporated in the AMS should be changed every two months, depending on the use. An LED indicates when it’s time to change your filter.


What is AMS system and how does it work

The AMS is a system that sterilizes the air, eliminating more than 95% of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. It does this by filtering the air continuously (and silently), exposing it to a large amount of ultraviolet light along with a photochemical process, designed exclusively to ensure the deactivation of all viruses and living particles, including aerosols that float in the air.

It works continuously, without stopping, in spaces where activity takes place. This is possible because its UV light system is 100% contained and does not leak ultraviolet light out of the device at any time. This way, it cannot exert any danger on people, animals or objects in the room, acting only on the filtered air being pumped through the system.

The AMS system has been designed in 6 different models, each one designed for a different need and space: AMS Mini Home, AMS Mini Professional, AMS Plus and the three models of the AMS Auto.

Triple process for air purification:


The interchangeable multi-layer filter with activated carbon filters out dust and impurities, as well as safely neutralizing odors with pure activated carbon.


An exclusive cyclonic labyrinth coated with TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) nano-particles fixed in resin acts as a catalyst to fuel a photo chemical reaction with the UVC light that helps to decompose harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), breaking them down, and eliminating them from the air.


High power, medical grade, UVC modules featuring independent control and feedback loops . The UVC modules are protected by specially designed cooling channels which remove heat with pre purified air.

AMS has been designed with the technology is inherited from the industrial line daVINCI of FICEP S3, which has received the ACCENTURE 2019 Award for Best Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence awarded during the Advanced Factories fair and has the support of the Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

Would you like to customize it?

All AMS are manufactured and designed at our facilities in Barcelona. The additive manufacturing (3D printing) used to manufacture the case allows it to be customized on request, with your corporate image. * Contact us for customization options through this email
(*) It is only possible to customize the AMS MINI HOME, AMS PROFESSIONAL AND AMS PLUS.